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5 things to look for when hiring a new commercial cleaning service.

That’s a great question! And you’re right!

This is why we have compiled a list of 5 things to look for before hiring a new commercial cleaning service. 

With the information provided you will no longer feel like you are gambling or throwing a dart when making your decision.  Use this guide to screen and pre qualify your list of commercial cleaners to make an educated decision. 

Making the right choice when choosing a commercial cleaning service not only ensures professional results you will appreciate.  A top level commercial cleaning service provider will secure your building post clean, provide daily customer service and implement quality control to maintain standards, as well as many other important aspects to satisfy their customers. 

Here is the list we have created for the 5 things to look for when hiring your new commercial cleaning service.

1. First impressions are not to be overlooked

You will be able to pick up a lot of clues by the initial phone call and first meeting.

Did they answer the phone like they run a commercial cleaning company for a living, or did they sound surprised and caught off guard?

The barrier to entry is low in the commercial cleaning industry therefore creating a large gap between seasoned professionals and new startup commercial cleaning companies. 

Did they show up on time to provide a quote?  Did they come in dressed as a professional?  Are they taking notes during the building tour?  Did they provide you with a professional business card and company information?

These are all small clues to pay attention to.

You can bet that the person who shows the most attention to detail during the building tour will put the same attention to detail into the overall service they provide their customers. 

Remember, this person will have they key and code to your building.  Choose carefully when hiring a commercial cleaning service provider to clean for your staff and customers.

2. Google reviews for social proof

Narrow your choices down to the commercial cleaning service providers that have social proof on Google.  Look for recent 5 star reviews from happy customers.

Reviews are a clear indication that they have successfully provided a service to a customer.  This should be the first thing you look for when searching for a commercial cleaning service provider to clean your building. 

The more 5 star Google reviews the better. 

This also means that they should have no problem providing you with a reference as they clearly have many happy customers.

3. References uncover the mystery

Want to find out quickly if the commercial cleaning company you are doing a building tour with has the knowledge, experience and manpower to service your needs? 

Ask for a reference.

A professional commercial cleaning provider should have references to commercial buildings they currently service, and be happy to provide you with them. 

A clear indication that you are dealing with a professional commercial cleaning provider is if they offer and recommend you call their references without you having to ask.

They understand you would like to hear first hand from happy customers when making your choice of who should service your commercial building.  They will be happy to help provide any information you may need to make this decision easier.

4. Insured and bonded are only the basics

There isn’t a professional commercial cleaning company who isn’t bonded and insured.

If a cleaning provider does not have the basic essentials to run a commercial cleaning company there is a good chance they will be taking short cuts with many other things as well.

These are the absolute must haves when allowing a commercial cleaning company to enter your premises to provide you with a commercial cleaning service. 

In the 90’s and early 2000’s being insured and bonded was a selling point.  It is now a prerequisite of doing business.

Proof of commercial insurance and WCB should be provided in your commercial cleaning proposal provided by a professional.

5. Knowledge of the industry

A true industry expert is constantly researching the newest cleaning products, cleaning equipment and industry standards to implement into their commercial cleaning business.

 You will be able to tell if you are dealing with somebody knowledgeable in the commercial cleaning industry by the questions they ask.

They already know why they’re in your building providing you with a commercial cleaning proposal.  They understand that you’re either hiring your first commercial cleaning provider or are looking to replace your current one.

A professional will do their best to figure out the pain points that you are currently dealing with so they can help eliminate these issues moving forward.  A professional commercial cleaning provider will work with you to develop a cleaning routine specific to your needs and budget while catering to your every need.

The commercial cleaning industry is constantly changing and business owners should be paying attention to this. 

Covid-19 has added a new and challenging aspect to tending to commercial clients as their needs have changed.  Proper sanitization programs need to be in place to combat the spread of germs and viruses in the work place.

Local businesses in Red Deer want to take precaution for their staff and customers.  They rely on their commercial cleaning providers to sanitize all touch points and high traffic areas with cleaning products proven to work. 

Commercial cleaning service providers should be frequently visiting Health Canada’s website for the newest information on the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Our favorite disinfectant

We recommend the Zep Quick clean disinfectant for touch point cleaning in commercial buildings.  We have found this product to be great and we recommend it to anybody who asks for a product to take care of their disinfecting needs. 

Zep did a great job with this product and we are proud to say that we use it in all of the commercial buildings we service.

You can find this product at Canadian Tire South, Canadian Tire North and Canadian Tire, Sylvan Lake.  Also be sure to visit the Zep website for more great cleaning products for all of your commercial cleaning needs.

Blog post written by: Robert Denison Founder and General Manager of Dencon Cleaning Services.

We have created a commercial cleaning service / experience our customers appreciate.  If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service provider in Red Deer, please feel free to contact Dencon Cleaning Services.  We have the systems, procedures and manpower to service any commercial building in Red Deer.  Call to ask for references so you can hear about our service first hand from happy customers.

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