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The importance of window cleaning for your business

Commercial cleaning companies provide a wide variety of services. They use specialized equipment, they clean walls, floors, ceilings, you name it. With the current climate, the main focus is on disinfecting and sanitization services which is completely understandable.

Here is one important task we notice being overlooked in commercial buildings. Window cleaning. Dirty windows can turn off customers and contribute to airborne contaminants in your business. Exterior and interior window cleaning should be completed every 3 months at a minimum. A professional commercial cleaning service will offer and provide this service to your business.

Professionals use a variety of techniques to clean windows and remove debris. Using commercial-grade cleaning equipment, professional janitorial companies clean windows from top to bottom and ensure your windows sparkle.

How Do Commercial Companies Clean Windows?

There are many important steps to cleaning windows professionally. Professional janitorial companies use specific industry equipment to remove dirt, debris, and ensure there are no streaks.

A commercial-grade cleaning solution is added to purified water. This water is deionized and filtered several times to ensure that there is no chance of hard water spots or other naturally occurring minerals that might stain the windows.

Here are the steps that most professionals use to make windows spotless

  1. They start by dusting the windows to remove any loose debris and cobwebs.
  2. They apply a cleaner to the windows with either a spray bottle solution or a pole that allows them to reach higher windows.
  3. After the cleaning solution has time to sit for a few minutes, they use a squeegee to wipe the solution off of the windows. Special attention is given to corners and the edges of the windows.
  4. After each stroke with the squeegee, they wipe the squeegee edge with a cloth to remove any debris.
  5. They use a chamois to complete the process by drying any areas that may have water remaining. This also helps to remove any streaks or blotchy areas.

Follow these steps to keep the windows in your business sparkling for your staff and customers. If time is an issue feel free to reach out to Dencon Cleaning Services to have your windows done by a team of professionals.

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