Maid wiping the dust

How to Reduce Dust

Let’s face it, no matter how clean you get your home, there is always one thing you can’t get rid of, dust. No matter what you do to get you home clean, it always seems like dust is constantly settling on everything you just did.

While dust is a part of life, it doesn’t have to be. You can control it in your home, you just have to change some habits that continue to build the level of dust. That will allow you to live clean and keep dusting to a minimum. From the company who provides cleaning services Red Deer loves, here’s how you can reduce dust throughout your home.

Understanding Where Dust Comes From

Sure, people contribute to how much dust flies through their homes, but dust is much more than just flakes of skin. So much of what dust is comes from outdoors. Pollen, dirt, and various other particles make their way into our homes all the time. So by keeping your windows and doors closed as much as possible, removing your shoes in the home, and getting a solid doormat, you can cut down on so much dust entering from outdoors.

Where to Groom Your Pets

Your furry friends are constantly shedding hair and dust everywhere they go. If you groom them outside, you can cut down on the dust they leave behind indoors quite significantly. If grooming outdoors is a problem, use a bathtub or other space that is easy to close off from the rest of the home.

Managing Fabrics and Papers

We’ve all seen fibres fall off our clothing and fabric furniture. Even paper can contribute to unwanted dust. Be kind and gentle with your clothing by not tossing them when you’re ready to put them in the laundry. When not in use, store your clothing and linens in a sealed storage box. As for paper products, like newspapers, junk mail, and magazines, keep them outside your living area and recycle them as soon as possible.

Freshen the Sheets

Your bed is ground-zero for dust as it gathers skin particles and loose fibres from the linens. So change your sheets weekly to maintain a fresh and clean sleeping zone, and don’t forget to also wash pillows, blankets and mattress pad at least every couple of months.

Upgrade your Vacuum

If you’re using a vacuum that is not filtering the air, you are just moving the dust around instead of removing it. You can efficiently trap dust in a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter, keeping the air free of dust and allergens. A central vacuum can also remove the dust, storing it in a canister outside the home until you clean it out.

Add an Air Purifier

Using an air purifier in your home works to consistently remove dust floating through the air and holding it in a HEPA filter. You can just keep it running in the background.

By altering how you do some things, you can start breathing cleaner air and living without dust. These tips can help you reduce dust in your home.