How To Clean Wood Cabinet Doors

One thing is for sure when it comes to kitchen cabinets – they get dirty incredibly fast. They are in the front-line of your cooking endeavors and suffer the main blow from spattering grease, up to cake batter and olive oil on them when you cook. Fruit smoothies, orange juice and smashed banana across the room are a quite normal and even regular sight when you have small kids at home, so think about what happens to the cabinet doors as the kitchen’s frontier. You can fight the grime, grease and grunge and make your cabinets look their best with this simple guide on how to clean wood cabinets as we do in our Red Deer cleaning services at Dencon.

The easiest way so to opt in for commercial cleaners, however, you can also make your own cleaners simply by using regular ingredients already available in your kitchen that are both Eco-friendly, effective and affordable and use them to clean cabinets.

Vinegar is the main player in this game.  Simply mix a 50/50 solution of vinegar and warm water and sip it into a spray bottle. Gently mist on cabinets, give it a 1-2 minutes sit and then wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth. For those hard nuts to crack in the sense of extremely grimy cabinets, just add a few drops of liquid dish-washing detergent to the water and vinegar magic potion and give it a good scrub.

Whatever option you go for, cleaning wooden cabinets is done by:

  • Using a soft cloth or sponge on the outside of the cabinet doors and drawers. You may need to use a little elbow grease to remove heavy grease and grime buildup.
  • Focusing a portion of the time on wiping drawer pulls and door handles.
  • Using a toothbrush dipped in the cleaner for the hardware scrub, the surrounding wood or the crevices of ornate trim.
  • Wiping the cleaner on the inside of the doors and drawers.
  • Utilizing a second cloth or sponge dipped in clean water to get rid of the cleaner from all surfaces.
  • Drying all surfaces thoroughly with a clean cloth or towel.

For the stubborn stains, such as syrup or chocolate, the first advice is to not panic. Then, make a paste of vinegar and salt and lightly scrub the stained area. Don’t scrub too much or use steel wool, as it will scratch the wood. At the end, rinse off the paste off with clean water and dry with a clean towel.

Finally, protecting wood cabinets from future stains should be on the top of the list of priorities after such a cleaning session. A quite handy mix of vegetable oil and vinegar in equal portions which is then rubbed with a clean, soft cloth is the best way to go. At the end, buff till it shines to uncover its true potential.