Man checking gas stove in kitchen at home

The Most Forgotten Things to Tidy Up When Selling a Home

Man checking gas stove in kitchen at home

When buying a home, people pay close attention to cleanliness. This is why a seller’s home is usually cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom. But there are a few areas that tend to get overlooked during the cleaning process.

When it’s time to sell your home, make sure that you don’t just clean, but that you focus on a clean that can make a sale. Take a look at what buyers may notice when you have forgotten to tidy them up. As a cleaning services company in Red Deer we have seen it all.


You may not notice them in your home, thinking that they are just part of the wall, but potential buyers can certainly notice dusty accumulations on your baseboards. And since they are mostly white, baseboards lets dirt to stand out.

Air Vents

With your furnace filter keeping the airflow in your home as clean as possible, it does not offer full protection against dust. There is always dust flying around and ready to settle on the vents in any room, whether they are blowing or return vents. By wiping them all down, you can ensure a clean look.

Light Fixtures

Whether you have chandeliers, ceiling fans, globe lighting, or some other light fixtures throughout your home, they are gathering dust. All you have to do is look up to see it and you can be sure that homebuyers will be looking up.

Door Knobs, Cabinet Handles, and Switches

It’s easy to forget about the dust that settles on all the knobs, handles, and switches all over the home. These areas are major germ spreaders too, as they are often touched by many in the home. By using a disinfectant spray, you can eliminate dust and germs while also polishing these spots up to look perfect for potential buyers.


Go beyond the knobs and wipe down your interior doors. As the doors often include design features, these areas tend to gather settling dust. Wiping them down can freshen up an entire room. Make sure you clean behind the doors too and don’t forget the front door, the first thing people will see as they approach your home.


Check all your window sills and their coverings. You can wipe away a great deal of dust and dirt from sills and blinds, and if you have drapery, it’s easy to throw them in a wash. You can renew the look of your windows and make them shine.


Don’t feel bad when you move your refrigerator, washer, and dryer out of the way to clean behind and under them. If you have not done it before, you will likely see a mess of accumulated dust, along with those keys you lost last year.

Homebuyers notice every detail of a home they are thinking of living in. As the current occupant, you may not notice the dirt that others will see, so don’t forget to clean every corner of your home to present it in the best way possible and make that home sell.