About Dencon Cleaning Services Ltd.

Dencon Cleaning Services Ltd.

Last month we helped a Medical clinic in Red Deer, Alberta bring down their daily cleaning time from 4hr. to 2.40hr per clean on a 6 day per week cleaning schedule.


A whopping 43 hours in time reduction with quarterly and annual perks they weren’t receiving before.


Call 403 396 7020 to see if we can help reduce your cleaning time, or to hear about the perks we provide each of our customers that you may not be receiving with your current cleaning provider.


Our job as a commercial cleaning provider is to understand our customers’ needs as a business – and to customize commercial cleaning routines to their specifications and budget.


Management is responsible for methodically creating cleaning routines to ensure that our cleaning technicians have a safe and efficient check-list to follow specific for each building.


The safety and security of each building is important to us. Checking all doors to make sure they are locked and secured is part of our nightly routine and found on all of our cleaning check-lists.


High standards as well as culture are both important parts of our success as a professional commercial cleaning provider.


This is why we are very diligent when it comes to our hiring process and make sure all of our staff do not have any blemishes on their criminal records.


With anything we believe customer service is the key to a successful relationship.


We are always available to answer questions and concerns. As well as working daily to give you the best experience we possibly can.


Policy and procedure manuals are placed at each building we service for our managers and cleaning technicians to view if needed or in case of emergency.

Give us a call for any commercial cleaning or janitorial related inquiries

403 396 7020