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3 tips on how to avoid a disaster with your Janitor

Let’s face it. Handing out the key and code to your business requires trust.

We have compiled a list of 3 things to help make sure your janitorial service provider conducts their operation in a safe and professional manner. Maybe this blog will save you from a disaster that could have been avoided with proper screening.

Janitorial service providers are often times responsible for running equipment in various work environments. Some of these environments are in tight spaces, possibly around expensive inventory. The working environments change dramatically from job site to job site.

The operators of the equipment require training to avoid damage to the property of customers.

Let’s get into 3 things to help screen your potential janitorial service provider to avoid a disaster.

  1. I’ll hire anybody. We’re desperate

The Janitorial service is a tough job. Often taking place once businesses have closed for the day. Business owners, who are tired, have too much work on their plate for the limited systems they have in place become stressed out.

This is where they start onboarding staff or contractors without conducting the proper background checks. It is essential to make sure each staff member or contactor can pass a clear sector background check prior to hiring. Not screening staff and placing them into job sites without proper training is a common mistake made in the janitorial industry. This common mistake and can lead to many unwanted situations such as property damage, unlocked doors, etc.

Ask the janitorial service provider for the clear sector check of each individual that will be entering the premises with that particular company. This is a surefire method to eliminate potential hazards to your business.

  1. Do you have a plan?

Look for a janitorial service provider that brings a plan of action to the table. A professional Janitorial service provider should have a methodically thought out plan of action with systems and procedures for each situation that may arise in your building. They should offer all of or the majority of what’s listed below.

• Emergency contacts
• MSDS Sheets
• Info on Training programs
• Clear sector background checks
• Printed cleaning routines
• Sign in/out sheets or software
• Quality control
• A service guarantee
• References

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Ask how they go about maintaining buildings in the winter months that differ from spring and summer.

Ask if they offer any value that the other potential janitorial service providers do not.

Ask how they go about selecting and qualifying their staff and contractors.

Ask about their training programs and how often it is updated.

Ask what happens if you receive an unsatisfactory clean or if something is damaged.

We will provide more questions to ask to help qualify your janitorial service provider in our next blog post titled: Lay it to your Janitor with these 20 questions.

  1. The price is a little high. Should we go with the cheaper company?

The answer is probably not. There is a reason that the janitorial service provider is valuing their service at a lower price in comparison to the other proposals you’ve received. Like most things, you get what you pay for.

When trusting a janitorial service with not only the image of your building but the keys and alarm code as well. You need to know you have a professional service in place that is taking the proper steps to ensure quality results and efficiency while keeping your building locked and secured post clean. Professionals have the systems in place to ensure none of this is a problem.

Janitorial service providers that quote jobs at low prices are notorious for rushing tasks to try and increase profits. When rushing jobs things get overlooked and missed. There is no time to follow the checklist if there is one. There is no time to double-check their work before exiting the premises. Rushing jobs is a recipe for personal injury or property damage which is why a professional will ask for the time needed to complete each task properly.

Pay close attention to the value to price gap when reviewing your proposals.

This is where you will be able to see why certain janitorial providers charge more for their services and why.

These 3 tips should help you make the right decision when choosing your next janitorial service provider and avoid potential disasters.

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The blog post was written by: Robert Denison Founder and General Manager of Dencon Cleaning Services.

We have created a janitorial service/experience our customers appreciate. If you are looking for a janitorial service provider in Red Deer, please feel free to contact Dencon Cleaning Services. We have the systems, procedures and manpower to service any commercial building in Red Deer. Call to ask for references so you can hear about our service first hand from happy customers.

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